Compatibility Testing service

The most formal gambling software has a knowledgeable and talented team to test your software for compatibility, which will ensure optimal performance on all existing platforms.

Compatibility test

Compatibility testing is a non-functional testing procedure that is performed to solve any software application or product problem that runs in a variety of browsers, networks, operating systems, servers, hardware platforms, and databases.


Compatibility testing is very important because the smooth running of software applications needs to be compatible with all operating systems, hardware platforms, and it can only be achieved by running compatibility testing services.

In addition, strong compatibility testing ensures the actual stability and operability of the software prior to release.

With the help of the best browser compatibility testing tools, the TestOrigen team will help you perform this test:

  • BrowserStack
  • IE Netrenderer
  • Browser sandbox
  • Browsershots
  • CrossBrowserTesting

And provide you with high quality and high compatibility.

This process

The best testers of the most formal gambling software will perform compatibility testing by following the following process:

  • The most formal gambling software first identifies compatibility centers and problems.
  • Develop compatibility test plans for all issues and focal points.
  • Perform tests as planned.
  • Monitor and record all errors and defects.
  • Retest after all changes have been made.

TestOrigen is a leading outsourcing company that provides professional compatibility testing services for your business, reducing costs so administrators can speed up their browser compatibility lifecycle.

Tstigmen compatibility Test Services: Products

TestOrigen's experienced and dedicated team has a positive attitude and procedures in place to ensure that compatibility tests are well performed. The most formal gambling software also provides compatibility testing of the latest IOS and Android versions on more than 50-60 IOS and Android devices, depending on user demand.

List of available iPhone devices

  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 5 s
  • The iPhone 6 and 6 s
  • IPhone 6 Plus or iPhone 7.

Available Android phones

  • Samsung Galaxy S7, S6, J7
  • LG Nexus 5 x
  • Huawei Nexus 6 P
  • Moto E, E3
  • HTC 823
  • In vivo Y5IL
  • Miss my
  • Samsung Galaxy Core Prime
  • The Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo
  • Lenovo A526
  • Honor H30 UI0

Available window phone

Nokia Lumia 521, 535, 630 and more

Usable tablet

IPad Air and Samsung Galaxy Tab A.

In addition, the services offered by the most formal gambling software include many Windows and browsers on the MAC, as well as all the latest versions of Windows, which means you can get a wide range of compatibility testing services under one roof.e. TestOrigen.

Available Windows

  • Windows 7, 32 bits
  • Windows 7 (a
  • Windows 8, 32 bits
  • Window (8 bits
  • Window (10

Browsers are available on numerous Windows

  • Google Chrome V38, V39, V409 and all the latest versions
  • Mozilla Firefox V28, V29, V32, V43 and more
  • Internet Explorer Internet Explorer 8, 9, and 10 include the latest versions
  • Opera and Safari, there's more to explore.

In addition, the most formal gambling software supports MacBook Pro OS X Yosemite version 10.10.1 .Compatible with all of the above browsers, including all the latest versions.

The most formal gambling software professional team is well known for all types of compatibility testing programs that are very easy to use with a variety of browser compatibility tools.

The most formal gambling software Angle

  • The most formal gambling software view of compatibility testing services covers the entire process from installation to operation.
  • The most formal gambling software studies and reports on the performance of your software under different conditions.
  • The most formal gambling software understands the value of your organization in the market, is that why the most formal gambling software provides you with compatibility testing in a variety of test environments to meet your needs.

Let the most formal gambling software work together!

The most formal gambling software is here to help you solve your software problems and is actually happy to provide detailed bug reports for your compatibility issues.

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